Cry Baby Purple – Mr Know It All

Just a few months after his first single, Irish musician Mikey Deasy, aka Cry Baby Purple, is back again with his new single, Mr Know It All, released on 20/01/2023 and the second single from his upcoming debut EP Video Brain.

An infusion of alternative rock, rock pop, and classic rock, this track also has some groove and soul thrown in there too, creating a sound that is unique.

The guitars are classic rock, with catchy riffs that will stick in your head. The drumming is laid back, with the snare drum a strong feature and the basslines are funky, giving the track its grooviness and the bass solo part way through the song is just awesome (funky bass solos should be a permanent feature if you ask my opinion!)

The vocals are a mixture of male and female, each complimenting the other perfectly. The male has a retro sound to them, almost coming directly from the 80’s, strong and I think he would be just at home belting out a typical classic rock song as he is this one. The female vocals are also strong and these only add to the retro sound of the song. The two vocal styles work really well together and the back up vocals really tie it all together.

Electronic sounds and beats also have a huge impact on this song and these really build up the funkiness of the whole thing.

This song is a prefect nod back to the past while also maintaining a modern, fresh feel to it.

Please check out Cry Baby Purple and see what you think!

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