Cell Games – Here’s To Your Bones

Cell Games class themselves on their Facebook page as a “Nu metal band from Dublin by way of Kildare/Longford/Croatia,” but I think they are a lot more than this. Cell Games is their latest single, the first as a whole band, and it has just been released today! (27/01/2023)

With heavy riffs right from the start, the guitars use distortion to great effect to give the track a sludgy feel, and the recurring riffs really will stick in your head. The basslines are awesome and really make the track bounce. The drumming is sol and energetic and keeps the pace of the track perfectly.

The vocals on this song are amazing, strong, with a hint of something that really makes them stand out. The singer has a grittiness to his voice that is reminiscent of some of the sleaze metals bands such as Wednesday 13 and Murderdolls and although Cell Games are not a sleaze metal band, these kind of vocals really do give them an edge.

This song is very anthemic with very catchy riffs and lyrics and I absolutely loved it. It’s heavy, it’s rocky and it’s just bloody awesome!

I am making it a mission of mine to keep an ear out for anything else this Irish band may put out for us, as I am really excited to hear more from them.

What an amazingly awesome track! Well done guys and gals!

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