Essie – Limitless

ESSIE is an alt/rock guitar player and vocalist from Perth, Western Australia and her signature sound is “a confident mix of bluesy guitar chops and soaring vocals.”

The epidemic saw ESSIE take a break from performing live so she could concentrate on writing music and after relocating to Bedfordshire in 2022, she started work on her EP. Limitless is her latest single and was released on 01/01/2023.

The track bursts into life straight away with guitar riffs and the soaring vocals mentioned above, leaving the listener with no doubt this going to be a rocky tune.

ESSIE combines classic rock riffs with the swagger of alternative rock and the twang of country rock to create a sound unique to her. The guitar work is bluesy, with slight distortion to give a fuzzy feel to the song too. The drumming is energetic when it needs to be, with crashing cymbals and booming bass drums yet is quite laid back at other times.

ESSIE’s vocals are strong and she takes complete command of the whole song with her voice, which has a slight quirkiness to it that adds to the appeal of the track. Her voice is classic rock in essence, but has undertones of country and there is also a grittiness that shows this girl means business. Reminiscent of some of the great female vocalists of the past, ESSIE takes this and adds her own unique, modern twist.

A great track and I look forward to hearing more form her in the future!

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