Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat – Like A Fire Engine

This is not my first review of Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat’s music, having previously reviewed both Opposite Poles and The Destination but I was keen to hear what else they had produced.

First a recap on the band themselves. Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat are two thirds of Boston 80’s post-punk band Native Tongue, who fuse psychedelia with modern technology to create a grooving, swaggering, psychedelic sound.

Featuring Lee Leffler (guitars, keyboards, vocals, and lyrics) and Michael Frackleton (drums, bass, percussions, keyboards, vocals, and lyrics) the pair have a partnership that spans decades, and this really shows in the music they make together.

Like A Fire Engine is their latest single and was released on 20/01/2023.

I have always found Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat to have quite a unique sound. They use distortion on both the guitars and vocals to give the track a fuzzy, psychedelic sound, but this is also fused with a funky, soulful bassline that sends the listener’s senses in all manner of directions.

Pounding drums keep the beat of the track perfectly and the drums and guitars are the main driving force behind the track. A funky bass solo part of the way through combined with electronic sounds and far-out vocals provide a break from the off-beat nature of the rest of the song, but its this irregularity with the music that also gives the track a progressive feel to it.

The vocals are once again quirky and a bit off the wall, as are the lyrics but this creates an eccentricity to the song that will make it stand out from others.

Another great track! Keep up the excellent work guys!

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