Bridges Ablaze – Hellbent

What a tune!!

Sorry, let me tell you who Bridges Ablaze are first!  Bridges Ablaze are an alternative metal from Austin, Texas, featuring Brien Allen and Ruben Zamora, and the first thing I want to say about them, is THEY ARE AMAZING! The sound these two guys achieve is just phenomenal and I really can’t wait to hear more from them!

Ok, so the song? Starting off slowly, the track erupts after about 20 seconds with heavy, pounding guitar riffs and booming drums, giving it the distinctive metalcore sound, reminiscent of bands such as Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White and Architects (not a bad lot to be compared to, eh?)

The guitars are distorted and fuzzy but melodic and will have you banging your head in no time. The drumming is frantic and energetic and the basslines are meaty.

The vocals on this track are formidable. The singer is able to switch from singing to powerful emo screams at the drop of a hat and there are also hints at nu-metal rapping at times, really making the song stand out.

The band state the song is about hardships and not backing down to them, staying strong, overcoming them and surviving and this is a theme that will resonate with lots of people.

What an absolute corker of a track! It’s heavy, its emotional, its positive! And its just up my street! I absolutely loved it and I will definitely be keeping an ear out for anything this fantastically talented duo produce. If you are a metalcore fan then I highly recommend, no I demand, you go and check this band out.

Absolutely bloody awesome!

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