Betageist – Together

Betageist is “is electronica infused with ambient, prog, cinematic, and psychedelic elements; occupying the gap between synth-based and guitar-based instrumental music,” and is the ghost project of audio software engineer and product of the University of Miami’s Music Engineering program, Kevin Heber.

Together was released on 14/10/2022 and I must say I am lucky I have had the privilege to hear it and review it!

The track is a chilled-out instrumental that will leave you totally zoned out from the real world once you have listened to it.

Combining elements of psychedelia, prog rock and electronica, this is a track that will really get inside you. The floaty sounds coming from the synths, mixed with soothing guitar sounds and gentle drumming really will have a calming effect on whoever listens to it.

Distorted spoken word is introduced at around the five minute mark, and this is when the track really erupts, all the instruments really exploding and coming to life, before the song slows down to its conclusion.

Hypnotic and atmospheric, this track really is beautiful, so full of emotion and extremely moving. The listener cannot help but get pulled into the music, as the haunting melodies really take hold of you. And an electric guitar solo just poking its nose out from the ambient nature of the rest of the instrumentals is a great touch.

If music could be poetry, then this track is the poetic I have ever heard. Just totally incredible and unbelievable this sound could come from one person!


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