Moonlight Saints – Bottom Again

Moonlight Saints are a young rock band from Central Massachusetts and they play a “variety of styles and songs in the rock and blues spectrum.”

Bottom Again is their first original single and was released on 13/01/2023.

The track has a very funky undertone right from the start and this works well with the classic / alternative rock sound the band has.

The guitars have a slightly dirty sound, giving the track a grungey vibe, and the riff that is repeated throughout the song really grabs the listener. The guitar solo part way through the song is clean and crisp and really shows the talent of the guitar player. The basslines are what gives the track its funkiness, and the drums are energetic, sometimes frantic, and keep the pace of the song going incredibly well.

The singers voice is somewhat quirky but I think this adds to the charm of the song, and the lack of backing vocals leaves him free to command the track how he wishes.

The track changes pace twice during its entirety, once to speed everything up and then once to slow everything down, before returning to the swaggering pace the rest of the track has.

This song really does pull the genres in all directions, mixing classic rock, alternative rock and blues. The melodies are extremely catchy and you will be humming that riff for the rest of the day!

As a debut single, this one is really rather good and we look forward to hearing what else these young guys have to offer!

Great work!

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