Bar II – Wake Up

Bar II are, and I quote; “Alt Indie Rock band focus on pure raw rock deranged music stuck between Lost Highway and Vernon Subu.”

The track kicks off in such a way that the listener is under disillusions as to what this band is about! This song is high energy and will do just what is says on the tin…. Wake Up the listener!

Bouncey right from the start, the basslines are funky (and who doesn’t love funky basslines?!?) and the lyrics will just have you jumping around the living room.

The guitars use distortion to give a grungey yet melodic vibe to the song, heavy when they need to be, but also with a softer side to them too and the drumming is energetic with lots of crashing cymbals and booming bass drums.

The singer has classic alternative rock vocals but distortion on the choruses gives the track a slightly “dirtier” feel to it and I think this is a great addition.

A fantastic mix of genres, catchy as hell, and with such a positive vibe to it, this song will appeal to a lot of people and I, for one, loved it!

I am really looking forward to what is to come next from these guys!

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