Sweets – Dead Ends

SWEETS is an alternative rock band from Limerick, Ireland, whose roots are firmly entrenched in Limerick’s prolific music scene and features members of much-loved, critically acclaimed acts Tooth, Giveamanakick, Windings & Japanese Jesus. The band features long-time collaborators Liam Marley (guitar/vocals) and Lorcan Bourke (drums) who along with close friends Keith Lawler (guitar) and Bertie Kelly (bass) officially formed the band in 2021.

Dead Ends is their latest single, released on 20/01/2023 and only their second release, with the plan to release an album towards the end of 2023.

So, what of this release, Dead Ends? It’s a track that combines alternative rock, noise rock, classic rock, hard rock and grunge and the end result is a sound unique to them.

The guitars are fuzzy and distortion plays a big part in the track, giving it a grungey vibe and the drumming is loud and energetic. The vocals also use distortion to a degree, the multi-layers giving the song depth and dynamism, and the vocal style reminds me very much of Killing Joke.

There is a very nostalgic feel about the song as it is very reminiscent of the post punk genre of the 80’s but at the same time there is a very industrial feel to the track, while still sounding quite modern.

I realty liked this track and I am very much looking forward to listening to the album when it is released at the end of this year!

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