Mad Painter – Rock And Roll Samurai

Mad Painter are a new band from Boston who have their roots firmly in the melodic rock traditions of the 1970’s and Rock And Roll Samurai is the3ir latest track released on 19/01/2023.

Crossing early 70’s psychedelia with glam- spattered rock and roll from the likes of Mott The Hoople and The Faces and a classic 1970’s heavy rock sound, this band certainly has a sound all of their own. I had reviewed their previous single Illusions and I was intrigued as what else they had come up with.

The track kicks off with the melodic sounds of a keyboard before the track explodes and all manner of sounds are released, guitars, drums, cymbals, cowbells!!

Once again, this track takes the listener on an auditory journey and jumps from genre to another at the drop of a hat.

The use of distortion on the guitars gives the track a psychedelic feel and the electronic synths ramp up the progginess of the track.

The strong male vocals are somewhat quirky, as are the lyrics but backed up with the females again, there is a dynamism to the track.

Being quite progressive in nature, the track always has something to listen to and needs to be heard two or three times before the listener is fully aware of everything the track has to offer.

If you liked the previous offering by this band, then you will love this one.

Great track guys and gal!

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