Linda (feat Nika) – Little Foal

Ten years ago, Linda was singing on progressive rock albums, but after an eight-year break from music, she came back in 2020 with her new project, combining her love of music and her love of flying.

Little Foal is her latest single, about empowering women to fly, was released on 12/08/2022 and features Nika. It is a single from her upcoming album Linda – Trip To Myself.

The opening riffs immediately grab you and you know this is going to be  belter of a track. This is a classic sounding anthem that will soon have you pumping your fist into the air as the riffs and melodies take over you.

With crashing cymbals, pounding drums and high-gain guitar riffs, this track has the vibe of classic rock with a modern-day twist. The guitar solos are superb, the drumming is energetic and the basslines are funky, just how classic rock should be!

The dual vocals with Nika are powerful and strong and the two harmonize well with each other. The higher notes are hit with ease and both ladies have a wide vocal range.

The song is full of energy, with the verses really building up to the big sounds of choruses, and you will certainly be bouncing around to this one.

Great, rocking track that all fans of classic rock will love. I can’t wait to hear what the album has to offer now!

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