Blue Shirt Charlie – Shelter

Blue Shirt Charlie are a threesome from Texas and garnered early attention playing their own brand of amped-up Americana in cities and towns along Central Texas’ Brazos River. Reconvening in 2022, the band – Richie Sessions, Russ Chapman, and Lex Lipsitz – wrote songs with themes of hope and renewal, and hint at influences such as Elliott Smith, Steve Earle, early U2 and the Old 97’s.

Blue Shirt Charlie are an alternative country band that combine elements of classic rock and soft rock, along with a hint of rock-pop to give them their electric Americana sound.

The track still has the swagger of country rock, the guitars quite bluesy with that undisputable twang of country music, but there is a lot more use of electric instruments here. The drumming is energetic and up-tempo, and the song only really slows pace once during its entirety and this is only for about 20 seconds!

The vocals are typical country rock, with a hint of grittiness that shows this guy could be just at home singing a classic rock number as he is this track. The backup vocals during the choruses really gives this track an anthemic feel and its feels there is about sixty people backing up the lead singer!

The track is catchy, the chorus will really get stuck in your head, if not a little quirky, but who doesn’t like a bit of quirkiness every now and then?

Great song to dance about to. Go and check it out, if you haven’t done so already!

Excellent job!

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