October Noir – Endless Lonely

October Noir has always been a firm favourite of The Metal Asylum and when we were approached by drummer, Tyler Fleming to do a review of their single Endless Lonely, we literally jumped at the chance!

For those of you who have never heard of October Noir (and if that’s you, why have you never heard of them? Go and give yourself a stern talking to!), they are a gothic / doom band from Pensacola, Florida and formed in 2016. They have released three albums (with the first being remastered in 2022) and nine singles to date and Endless Lonely is the first single from the upcoming album “Letters To Elizabeth” due for release on September 22nd, 2023.

And what an absolutely beautiful track it is!

The band have been likened to Type O Negative over the years and, although they do have a similar sound, October Noir take the doom just that little bit further!

The guitars are heavy, with both powerful, crushing riffs and great solo work, the drumming is energetic, big on sound and the basslines are strong. The band has had some line up changes over the years, but they appear to have found the right combination now and getting a sound like they have from just three of them is absolutely phenomenal.

Tom’s voice is just extraordinary. He switches from the deepest of doom vocals (you think Pete Steele had a deep voice, you’ve not heard anything yet!) to almost high pitch screaming with such ease and panache, its practically inhuman!

The song has quite a melancholic feel to it (come on, this is gothic doom music!) but the emotion that comes from this track is remarkable. The vocals, the instruments, everything just works so well together that its hard to believe this reincarnation of the band has only been together since 2021!

The song itself, is over seven minutes long but its seven minutes of pure, exquisite gothic doom! There really is only one word to describe this track and that is……BEAUTIFUL!

We are so looking forward to the album coming out and, hopefully, we might even get the chance to review that for you too!

October Noir…you really have pulled out all the stops on this track! Absolutely bloody loved it!

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