The Palfreyman Collective – Slow Burner

Who is The Palfreyman Collective? Well, the answer to that is simple! The Palfreyman Collective is songwriter David Palfreyman and an array of talented musicians and is a new project on the scene and Slow Burner is their new single, released on 12/01/2023.

I have previously reviewed the album, but it is nice to now be able to review a single from that album.

Slow Burner is  a combination of classic rock, hard rock and all things rock, with a little bit of jazz thrown in for good measure.

The song starts off quite gentle, showcasing the singers awesome voice with just a little bit of background music at first before the track really does kick off and all instruments suddenly burst into life.

The guitar work is a great mix of classic and blues, with heavy riffs when they are needed and clean solos. The drumming is energetic and dominant and I can really imagine the drummer hitting those skins hard! Once again the basslines are subtle and solid and the inclusion of a saxophone part way through the track really adds a dynamism to the song, creating the jazz element previously mentioned.

I said in my last review that the singer is a “powerhouse” and I still stand by this on this review. His voice is strong and powerful, with a gritty edge to it that really rocks this song up and the backup vocals compliment his perfectly.

This is a great, rocky little number that will really get you dancing around. Whether you are singing into your hairbrush along with the catchy lyrics or you pick up your air guitar to play along with the solos, this track will certainly get you moving in one way or another!

A great track (from a great album, titled The Palyfrey Collective if you wanted to check it out) from a great band!

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