The Breakdown – When It Comes To Things Like Love

The Breakdown are a melodic rock band based in London and was founded by a group of teenage friends from around the South East. Reuniting after a chance encounter 15-years later, the band began just three weeks before the nationwide lockdowns and during this time, they worked together remotely, not being able to rehearse together for another year.

When It Comes To Things Like Love is their latest music, released on 07/01/2023.

A clever mix of 80’s New Wave and 90’s alternative rock, this is a band that can take you back in time with the press of a play button, all with that necessary modern twist to keep their music fresh and up to date.

Slightly distorted guitarwork starts the track off before the rest of the instruments kick in, giving us a big dollop of this band’s uniqueness. Funky basslines that show their faces every now and then, and energetic drumming are great accompaniments to the guitars, and the vocals really do complete the package. The strong male lead, reminiscent of the likes of The Smiths, adds to the nostalgic vibe the track has, but there is also a slight edginess to his voice that keeps the sound new.

The song is quite upbeat in nature although the lyrics might tell you differently!

I liked this song and I think if you are a fan of 80’s post punk, 90’s alternative rock and 00’s indie rock then I think you will too!

Looking forward to the next one.

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