Joshua Ketchmark – No Stopping Us

Based in Nashville in Tennessee, Joshua was born in a small town near Chicago, and soaked up anything he could hear from the airwaves, before heading off on his own musical journey and No Stopping Us is his latest single, released on 06/01/2023.

I had reviewed Joshua’s previous single Tazewell County Line and I was eager to see what else he had come up with.

No Stopping Us is more upbeat than the previous track, the swagger of country rock really evident in this one. It starts slowly but very soon the drum beat speeds up and the song really kicks off.

The guitar playing by Joshua, once again, has that twang that is so prevalent in country rock music and acoustic guitars accompanied by electric is a real treat for the ears.

Joshua’s vocals are beautiful on this track, a mix of classic rock with country and his voice really pulls you into the song.

It’s a catchy little song that will leave you humming for the rest of the day and if you are not tapping your foot to it, at the very least, then take a look at yourself and ask yourself if you even like music?! As I said in my previous review, country music isn’t one of my top genres but even I was sitting in my chair bopping away to this!

If country rock / Americana is your thing, then you are going to love this track. Go and check it out and see if I’m not wrong!

Another great track from this exceptionally talented artist!

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