Ethan Stauffer – Goodnight, Take Care

Ethan Stauffer is a singer / songwriter from Pennsylvania, USA and Goodnight, Take Care is his latest single, released on 06/01/2023.

A very laid back track the song combines elements of many genres, from classic rock, to pop, to alternative to create a sound that is unique to Ethan.

Heavy guitar riffs fill the background of the track long with the relaxed nature of the drums and slight distortion on the guitars gives the track a hint of indie rock, reminding us of songs from the late 90’s. The use of both acoustic and electric guitars, each performing a different role in the track is an added bonus and keeps the listener engaged in the song at all times.

The double vocals, each accompanying the other beautifully, is also an great touch and gives the track a deep intimacy that is very reflective and introspective. The voices are melodic, yet powerful not to be overshadowed by the music behind them.

The track builds as its progresses and finishes with an anthemic extended chorus that is catchy and memorable. The track has a melancholic, yet uplifting vibe to it and overall it’s a very poignant and moving track.

The track is almost five minutes in length, but it really doesn’t really feel that long, which is always the sign of a good song in my opinion!

Please go and check out Ethan Stauffer on Spotify and all his social media sites.

Great track!

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