Roxercat – Pearls EP

I had previously reviewed Roxercat’s single I Changed Today and I was excited to hear what the EP sounded like, and at 26 minutes and 41 seconds long, the six tracks are a lovely blend of classic rock, rock n roll and AOR.

First of all though, let me recap you on the band. Roxercat are a three-piece prog rock band from Nashville, Tennessee led by singer Price Jones who is joined by guitarist Stan Lassiter and bassist Bill Francis, and Pearls is their latest EP, released on 13/01/2023.

As I said in my previous review, the band have only been playing together since 2017, but this is not reflected in the music they produce, which is well put together, tight and the production is, once again, awesome.

A mix of ballads and more upbeat tracks, this EP covers everything, and the order of the tracks is great, as no two songs are the same, always leaving the listener wondering as to what is coming next.

Price’s vocals are simply stunning and this is shown more on this EP than on the single, more songs gives the listener more tracks to appreciate her strong, powerful voice that seems to be just at home singing a ballad as it does belting out a rock number.

The guitar work is, once, again, fantastic and the use of slide throughout the EP adds just a little bit of oomph. The percussion side of things is spot on and the drumming is laid back when it needs to be yet energetic at the same time.

The use of organs and synths gives the EP depth and the backing vocals that support Price work really well.

Overall the EP has a classic rock feel, with a slightly country undertone to it. Bluesy guitar work is thrown in for good measure and there is even a funk jazz vibe to it at times too.

As a debut EP, this is absolutely fantastic and I can only imagine the music this great band will go on to create. If you didn’t check Roxercat out after my review of their single, then I urge you to now!


Track Listing:

1) Pearls

2) Crime

3) Baby I Tired

4) I Will Not Lie

5) I Changed Today

6) 2020

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