Love Ghost – Tales Of A Sad Boy

Love Ghost are a Los Angeles based band who have an iconic pop punk sound of the late 90’s/early 00’s but have included rap and hip/hop to create a sound unique to them.

We have previously reviewed a couple of tracks and an EP by Love Ghost and was excited when this one came up. Again, the band did not disappoint!

With four tracks at just under twelve minutes in length, the EP was released today (13/01/2023) and each track is completely different to the next.

Starting with Heartless, a track that blend the vocals of bans such as Bring Me The Horizon with a soft musical background of grunge-influenced guitar riffs and a slow drumbeat that keeps the song on track all the way through without overpowering the rest of the music.

The next track Lethargic has an even slower pace, but one that really showcases the lyrics and the vocals. Back up vocals with a rap / hip-hop influences accompany the lead vocals and this really gives the song depth and feeling.

Third track Samurai is a more rockier number, the emo-rock / alternative rock element of the band really coming into its own here. The vocals really step up a gear on this track and they adopt a screamo stance on the choruses and this compared to the almost rapping of his usual vocals on the3 verses really makes a great contrast.

The EP finishes with Train Tracks which is an accumulation of the three other songs, soft and gentle beats and vocals one minute then full on emo the next.

This is such a great EP from a very hardworking band who have not only been very prolific in their recording but who also have an extensive touring schedule too.

I recommend fans of alternative / emo rock and hip/hop alike go and check out Love Ghost. Not only does their sound make them stand out from other bands but the way they switch from one genre to another so effortlessly, while blurring the lines between genres, is just phenomenal.

Yet again, another awesome recording! Keep them coming Love Ghost!

Track Listing

1) Heartless

2) Lethargic

3) Samurai

4) Train Tracks

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