Garland Kelley – A Mind Of Your Own

Garland Kelley is an artist and music producer who “combines a love of classic rock with a distinctly modern point of view to create his signature sound.” His music explores themes such as mortality, individualism, mental health, and philosophy and is a veteran of Nashville’s live music scene.

A Mind Of Your Own is his latest single and was released on 06/01/2023.

A mix of alternative rock and classic rock, this track has distinctive 90’s sound, taking the listener on a nostalgic trip back in time, but there is also a modern twist there too.

The track is upbeat with bouncy drumming and classic guitar riffs and funky basslines pop up throughout the track too. Musically, this track should have you tapping your foot at the very least and the guitar solo towards the end of the track reminds me very much of a solo that Saxon would do!

The vocals on this track are amazing, Garland easily swapping from gentle vocals to a full on rock voice. His voice is strong and commanding and he easily takes full control of the song. There is a slight edge to his vocals that I really like and this gives the track a bit of grittiness.

I really did like this track and I will certainly be on the lookout for more music from Garland Kelley, a name that I think should be on a lot more people’s lips.

Awesome track!

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