Bones In Butter – Scenes From the Metro 

Bones In Butter is “Milutin Krasevic, last man standing among a group of fellow musicians who shared a common vision to blend beautiful melodies and harmonies with the darkness and thoughtfulness of the Post-Punk era into a unique style.” – Bones In Butter website. He was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, to Yugoslav immigrants, and was introduced to music at the age of seven when his parents forced him to have piano lessons.

Scenes From The Metro is the band’s latest single and was released on 06/01/2023.

Although at first, the track might seem a bit weird and eerie, it soon settles into a whirlwind of alternative sounds and beats, mixing a multitude of genres into one big, buttery sound.

The guitars range from classic rock to blues infused and the basslines beneath everything are groovy. The drumming is slow and laid back, the snare drum being the most prominent. Electronic synths create some wonderful sounds in the background and slight distortion on all the instruments gives the track a very psychedelic sound.

It’s the vocals, main and backups, that really make this song stand out. The male lead vocals remind me very much of Pink Floyd in their psychedelic era, and these are backed up with some very floaty female vocals. This makes for a very big contrast in styles and also gives the song so much depth that you are afraid of falling in. The female vocals are hypnotic, pulling you into the track and the male voice keeps you there.

This is very much a track that you can close your eyes to and be transported far away, lost in your own thoughts.

There are lots of experimental sounds in this track and this makes it very unique. Experimentation does not always work, but in this case it very much does, so if this is your thing, then you are sure to love this track!

This is Pink Floyd if Pink Floyd still made music today!

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