9 O’Clock Nasty – Too Cool

9 O’Clock Nasty are a Leicester-based alternative band and Too Cool is their latest single, released on 07/01/2023. And what a track!

It kicks off with a funky guitar rift and, from then on, its funk, rock, and punk all the way. Taking riffs from classic rock and mixing them with drumming from punk / alternative rock and beats from hip/hop, this track really is a mish-mash of genres, and I love it!

The funkiness of the guitars is prevalent all throughout the track, although this does turn into hard and heavy riffs during the super catchy choruses and the guitar solo towards the end of the track is simply fantastic. And not to overuse the word, but funky basslines are also thrown into the mix and this makes for an awesome sound.

The vocals are a mix of rap / hip-hop rapping (think Beastie Boys) and punk shouting and are combined with shouty, layered backup vocals, giving the track its punk vibe.

This is a raw, riff-based track full of groove, energy and is a funky punk anthem that more people should have the pleasure of listening to as it is so infectious (six times on repeat and wanted to listen to it a further six!)

Go check it out!

Can I listen to it again yet???!

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