Spünday – While My Guitar Gently Beeps

Spünday are a Welsh band and While My Guitar Gently Beeps is their latest single, released on  12/01/2023. The song title is an adaption of The Beatles hit While My Guitar Gently Weeps (a personal favourite of mine!) but please do not be mislead into thinking this band are anything like The Beatles…because they are not!

Spünday are a post-punk, alternative rock band who mix in a little bit of psychedelia and noise rock to create a sound quite like anything I have heard before.

Based on a punk sound, the guitars are heavy and in your face and the drumming is as frantic as any punk band should be! The music is raw but at the same time has a clean sound in places, especially during the spoken word part at the end of the track.

The track kicks of with a funky bass line before the whole thing erupts into a mass of punk goodiness, and these basslines continue throughout the track.

The vocals are distorted in places adding to the edginess of the song, and the singer switches between singing and spoken word with ease. There is a brief interlude half way through with the inclusion of a recording of an online auction before the track kicks back in again, with seemingly more ferociousness than before.

This track was a great way to start work on a grey, miserable day, and really did lift me up so I was bouncing in my chair as I was writing.

If punk / alternative rock is your thing, then please go and check out this band. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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