Robbie Rapids – Love Of Your Life

Robbie Rapids is a rock singer / guitarist, from Grand Rapids, Michigan but now based in Atlanta, Georgie and Love Of Your Life is his new single, released on 19/12/2022.

Very reminiscent of the 80’s this is a dancy little rock track that will certainly get you up and moving. I was definitely bopping about in my chair as I was writing this review.

Although the classic rock influence is very evident to hear, there is also a lot of electro-pop elements in the track too. Use of synths really take us on a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s while also maintaining a modern vibe.

Robbie’s vocals are typical of the 80’s, soft yet powerful and accompanied by harmonizing back up vocals. I can really hear him singing a more rocked up song just as easily as he sings this one, his voice really taking control of the track.

This is a very catchy song with big choruses. He is backed up by some very talented musicians and together they create a really big sound.

I have listened to this on repeat maybe half a dozen times so far and each play through gets better and better.

Great job!

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