Rise Defy – DCxPC Live Vol. 14 Presents Rise Defy Live At The Pie Shop DC

DCxPC is a collaboration that books and releases music from live shows for multiple bands and Volume 14 was the turn of Rise Defy, recorded at The Pie Shop DC and released on 06/01/2023.

Rise Defy is a four piece band from Washington DC and are veterans of the DC hardcore punk scene, with former and current members of Scream, HR Band, Police & Thieves and the members of many years of experience between them.

This is a two track EP, that kicks of with the track Shellshocked, followed by the track Long Road Home, and from these two songs we can see what sort of sound the band have.

The crashing and pounding drumming is frantic and the guitar riffs are heavy and in your face. The thumping bass lines are very prominent throughout both tracks, the playing absolutely fantastic, and the sheer amount of energy emitting from this EP is phenomenal.

The vocals are gruff and husky and add that little bit of edginess to typical punk vocals, but at the same time they are controlled and pronounced.

These two tracks are rough and ready and although the members of the band originate from a hardcore background, I would say this shows them as a pure and simple punk band!

The crowd on the EP were obviously enjoying the show with the shouts and cheers and I can imagine them all pogo’ing around while this band were on.

After hearing Rise Defy on this EP I am going to head on over to Spotify to see if I can find any other stuff they may have recorded.

These two tracks are great for all new and old punk fans alike! Go check them out!

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