JJ McGuigan – Disconnected

JJ McGuigan was born in Wichita Kansas and he found a passion for music at the age of 13 when he received his first drum set. He later picked up guitar and started writing songs at the age of 20. He was diagnosed with OCD at the age of 16, along with major depression, anxiety, and depersonalization and now is main focus and passion is writing songs with an emphasis on lyrical creation and being a mental health advocate.

He has had features on Indie Spoonful, Jamsphere, Find No Enemy, Indie Pulse Music and Music Talkers and is an award-winning songwriter who made it to the finals of the VH1 Save The Music Song writing Contest.

Disconnected is his latest single and was released on 30/12/2022.

A dark and brooding track, Disconnected touches on issues of depersonalisation, depression and anxiety, something that JJ is not afraid to share with the world.

Starting off quite sombre and melancholic, the track soon bursts into life with power and emotion, something that is expressed through the lyrics, the music and the vocals.

Pounding, crashing drums are a prominent feature of the track, as are the crushing guitars, but the lyrical content is what makes this track. Emotional and introspective, these are words that a lot of people can resonate with and will make the listener sit and think about what they are listening to.

JJ’s voice is powerful and strong, portraying the emotion of the song with such a rawness the listener can feel what he is feeling. He delivers the content of the song with passion and feeling, as the words obviously mean a lot to him.

This is a fantastic alternative / classic / hard rock crossover ballad and a track that everyone needs to hear!


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