Foundry Town Survivors – Thanks For Coming

This is my third review of the day, the second by US band Foundry Town Survivors, and I must say they have all really set me up for the day ahead!

This one is more of an easy listening track, the kind that you can unwind to at the end of a long, hard day with a beer or two.

The guitar work on this is more bluesy than the last but also has a country / Americana twang to it too. Fantastic solos are dotted throughout the song and, once again, those funky basslines are prevalent. The drumming is fairly laid back, nothing too frantic, and the inclusion of the piano is a great touch, the polished sound creating a great contrast in the song.

Once again, the vocals are flawless, and the way the two compliment each other when singing the choruses is just awesome. Their voices work really well together and it is this harmonizing that really makes this band stand out.

This track is super catchy with choruses that you will be humming for the rest of the day, a real ear worm for you, and one that will also have you bopping around while you listen to it.

Another fantastic job by this super-talented duo. Keep them coming guys!

And if you haven’t checked Foundry Town Survivors out yet why not? Get over to Spotify and do it right now!

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