Foundry Town Survivors – American Dream

I have previously reviewed music by Foundry Town Survivors and was eager to see what else they had come up with.

So, just to recap, Foundry Town Survivors is two lifelong friends and veteran musicians, Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller, and the band name is a homage to their working-class backgrounds. And as I said before, these guys are not afraid to wear their classic rock influences staunchly on their sleeves.

This is an upbeat classic rock track that has strong nod backs to the 80’s era of rock and, as I said in my last review, comparable to bands such as Journey and Asia.

The song has a steady beat to it, kept up by the solid drumming and the guitar work is a pure rock n roll this time round. the track kicks off with a few solo bass notes and these funky bass lines are evident all the way through (who doesn’t love funky bass lines, eh?)

The vocals are gentle yet strong enough to take control of the song and have a slight edge to them. Harmonizing backup vocals are a great accompaniment and give the song depth.

Once again, I really liked this song, and I think fans of anything from classic rock to AOR to Indie rock will do too. I have another song to review next and I am really hoping that one will be just as good as this!

Great track!

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