TruckerBomb – Next Last Drink

TruckerBomb, a collective, from Los Angeles was created by singer-songwriter and bassist Troy Richardson and Next Last Drink is one of three singles the band put out last year, released on 13/05/2022.

Combining elements of country, Americana and alternative rock, this band have come up with a sound all of their own, and the track is all about needing that one last drink for a bit of liquid courage.

Troy sings and plays bass on the track and is joined by Ursula Lari, originally from Peru on rhythm guitar and additional vocals, Alrick Bills on the drums and LA native Salty Rose, who brings his rock, blues, and country styles, on guitar.

Troy’s vocals are almost grunge-esque in style, that hint of grittiness meaning this could appeal to grunge fans as well as rock and country fans alike, although there is still a hint of a country twang in there too.

The guitar work is a mix of classic and blues and the song has heavy riffs that could almost place it in the heavy rock genre too. This is a track that doesn’t fit neatly into one style of music and that is when I absolutely adore music. To be able to straddle more than one genre and blur the lines between them is a great thing to be able to do and these guys do it with ease.

The track has a steady pace with a very catchy chorus that you will be humming for the rest of the day!

This is a really good song, and I am going to head on over to Spotify to see what else from these guys I can find. I suggest you do the same!

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