Salt – Fairytale On Fire

Salt are a Edinburgh-based alternative post-pop punk band, who record and produce all their own music and Fairytale On Fire is their latest album released on 10/12/2022.

Much to my delight, Salt refuse to be boxed in to one genre and leap from one to another throughout the course of the album. They are fiercely independent and play literally whatever the hell they want!

This album really is a sonic journey that takes you on many twists and turns, from almost punk like tracks to ballads, showing just how diverse this band really is.

Sharon Woods has very distinctive vocals and takes us back to the dark sounds of the 90’s. The mix of rock and punk vocals works really well throughout the whole album and her voice really ties everything together. Sometimes haunting, sometimes in your face, her voice really makes the songs stand out.

Musically, the tracks are raw and abrasive but also harmonious and melodic. The dirty guitars remind me of the alternative sound of the late 80’s / early 90’s and distortion gives the album a grungy feel. Use of piano as well as the usual electronic instruments gives the album a very nostalgic feel and shows this type of music is still very much alive.

With fifteen tracks on the album it is just under an hour in length, showing how prolific and productive they are in their writing and for four of them, the album has a really big sound. The songs are catchy, dreamy, punky, rocky, all rolled up into one great album.

This album really is a feast for the ears and is highly recommended for fans of rock, punk, post-punk, po and everything in between!

Excellent job from this great band!

Track Listing:

1 Halo

2 Boxcar

3 The Sea Wakes

4 Fairytale On Fire

5 Clip That Girls Wings

6 Tumbleweed

7 Cold White Hands

8 Dust

9 Suffocate

10 Broken Toys

11 I Gotta Go

12 Demons

13 Candyfloss

14 I Hate You All

15 James Bond

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  1. On behalf of the band, thanks for a really lovely review! (Although, there are 4 of us as opposed to just 2…) 🙂

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