Christopher Labi Rance – That Rocking Thing

Christopher Labi Rance, who has been putting out music since 2020, is Sweden based hard rock musician, and has just released his new single and music video for, That Rocking Thing, featuring Miriam De Silva.

That Rocking Thing is a rock n roll track from start to finish and one that will definitely get you bouncing round.

Christophers vocals are gritty and powerful, the classic rock style but a hint of grunginess about them and Miriam is a strong accompaniment to him.

Musically, the track is energetic and dynamic and the distortion on the guitars give the track a 90’s feel while still keeping it fresh and modern. The drums are hard-hitting and all this combined really makes this track stand out.

With influences from Queen, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, this track is bound to appeal to a huge range of people. Combining classic rock, glam rock and AOR, there is a definite hint of the 80’s (as well as the 90’s) shining through.

There is a very positive and upbeat vibe about the track, its always a good day for rock n roll and its hard not to smile while listening to this song. Definitely a track that will cheer you up if you are feeling down.

I want to hear more from these guys! Awesome track, well done!

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