The Loud Bangs – Salvation Memorial Hospital

The Loud Bangs are a Los Angeles, USA-based rock group consisting of Alice Street, Daisy Gutierrez, Hannah Remley, and Marcus Nemuro, with producer Darren Callahan and their EP Salvation Memorial Hospital was released on 16/12/2022.

Salvation Memorial Hospital is a five track EP centring around the themes of relationships and romance and is influenced by shoegaze, ’90s alternative and German club music. And with six eps and numerous singles under their belt for 2022, this is certainly a hardworking band.

The five tracks on this EP are all completely different and emit a distinctive vibe. The songs are captivating, even hypnotising, and this has earned them the nickname “The Pink Floyd of Shoegaze”.

The band use their music to draw people in, without relying on the lyrics, which consist of muffled gibberish and other phrases here and there, with the occasional full lyrics and this is extremely effective.

Clean guitars are mixed with ambient synths and electronic beats to create a nod back to the 80’s, while there are also elements of 80’s/90’s goth music seeping through. This, combined with riffs and drumming reminiscent to 90’s alternative rock, gives the EP a very mysterious and futuristic feel.

Overall, this is a relaxing, yet quirky EP, which is almost euphoric in parts. Listen to this on your headphones, in the dark and I am sure that you will be transported to another dimension somewhere, only to be returned back just over twenty one minutes later, refreshed and relaxed.

If this sounds like your type of thing then I recommend you check these guys out and I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Track Listing:

1 Spectral Field

2 Late Day Magnets

3 Candy Sometimes Always

4 Future bruises

5 Playboy Tattoo

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