Harry Kappen – WarGames

Harry Kappen is a Dutch musician and music therapist. He is a multi-instrumentalist and composes his songs in his home studio in the Netherlands. WarGames is his latest single, released on 16/12/2022.

Known for making bold statements with his music, Harry has released a politically motivated new single, WarGames, a song that addresses political turmoil across the world, while also bringing a call to action for issues such as climate change, media misinformation, social ignorance and more.

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, there was a lot of musical protest going on against, among other things, the Vietnam War,” Harry Kappen says. “While there are enough reasons to protest now, I actually hear little resonance in the current music charts. Just check your Top 40. Are war, climate change, hunger, fake news, mistrust, ignorance etc. not reasons enough?”

Mixing classic rock riffs and guitar solos with a slightly alternative, poppy edge has given Harry an upbeat, catchy track that will stop and make people think about the issues it is dealing with.

The vocals are strong enough to portray the message of the track and the musicianship, all of which Harry carries out on his own, is first class. The guitar work stands out for me as one of the highlights of the track and combined with some electronic synth work, the track has a slightly late 80’s / early 90’s vibe.

This is a great track that has a lyric video to accompany it which helps the message get across as much as it can.

I think this will appeal to a wide ranger of people and whether it’s politically charged or not, it’s a great track! People need to check this, and Harry’s other music out!

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