Gary Dranow – Twisted Mind

Hailing from the US, Gary Dranow is part of the group Gary Dranow And The Manic Emotions and, unrestricted by any one genre, they are sending ripples through the blues and rock music scene.

This is the third Gary Dranow track I have reviewed now, and I must say that the more I hear, the more I like them.

Kicking of with classic rock riffs, this track is a nostalgic nod back to the 1980’s era. Not quite as bluesy as the previous tracks, this is pure and simple rock n roll!

I, personally, love the guitar work on Gary’s tracks, the classic sound being among my favourites, but there is also a modern twist to the track.

The vocals are earthy and strong and coupled with a female on this track, there is a great contrast that really makes the song stand out.

From all the Gary Dranow tracks that I have reviewed, I think this one is my favourite. Although crossing many genres is a good thing and shows a band’s diversity, sometimes just putting out a straight forward rock song is also the way to go.

This is a track that will really make you bop. It’s upbeat and catchy and will be your ear-worm for the rest of the day (as an added note to the review….I was still humming this two hours later!)

Please, please, please check out Gary Dranow (and The Manic Emotions). Fans of all genres I am sure will love them.

Another great track! Keep them coming!

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