1st Base Runner – Nightstalker

1st Base Runner is the new project from Texas singer-songwriter and producer Tim Husmann and “the visionary artist draws on shoegaze, alternative and dream pop to create powerful songs that carry the weight of raw emotion and hard-won wisdom.” Nightstalker is their latest EP, released on 11/11/2022.

The four track EP is about 12 minutes in length and will transport you to another dimension, with its electronic beats and soundscapes, and vibrant, ambient music.

The whole EP is hauntingly beautiful and filled with synthesizers, minimal use of guitars, and deep vocalism that really adds to the feel of the EP.

The EP has a very soothing effect and could easily be used meditatively, although track number three, the title track, has a more beat to it and has a slightly more industrial feel to it.

The vocals are poignant and melancholic, especially during track four, The Serpent And Space, but they also have a hypnotising effect, drawing you in to the music.

This EP really is dark, cinematic, ambient, experimental, and, some would say, spine-chilling. Lock yourself in a dark room and put this on your headphones. I listened to it on normal computer speakers but I would imagine having these sounds, words and music pumped straight in to your ears would be a truly spiritual, uplifting and unbelievable experience….in fact I am going to go and do that right now!

If ambient music and haunting vocals are your thing then you are going to love this EP by 1ST Base Runner. Check this, and other stuff by this Texan and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Track Listing:

1 In The Neighborhood

2 Dark drive Through The Canyon

3 Night Stalker

4 The Serpent And Space

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