Winchester 7 And The Runners – Heart Of The Golden Mystics

Winchester 7 And The Runners are Winchester 7 (vocals, ukulele), Phil Voorhees (bass) and Jack Kane (drums) and Heart Of The Golden Mystics is their new album, released on 22/12/2022.

Recorded at Winchester 7’s Sanctuary Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, Voorhees resides in Amsterdam while Kane is itinerant in the UK, and they play a unique blend of indie garage rock with alternative, classic and surf influences.

“The album takes our work in a new direction. Remaining varied in musical influence, it puts a murder mystery to music where we know the killer from the start. Or do we?” says Winchester 7 of the seven-track ep/album, a great concept at the best of times but set to music, makes the album even more intriguing.

The album kicks off in a bouncy, energetic way and this is a sign of what is come for the rest of the album. Unlike most conventional rock bands, the lead instrument for these guys is the ukulele and I must say, although something I had not really heard much of before, it works really well.

The album has a total of eight tracks, with a running time of just over thirty minutes, and each song is as individual and eclectic as the previous.

With a very alternative / britpop sound, reminiscent of the late 90’s / early 2000’s, that is evident right from the start, this album even nods back to the 80’s with hints of bands such as The Smiths shining through. Despite all of this nostalgia breaking through, the album still has a very modern feel to it at times and therefore would not be out of place on a 2023 playlist!

The guitar work ranges from heavy rocks riffs to glam rock solos and it is this diversity that really makes this album stand out!

The vocal range of the singer is a major advantage to the band too, one minute he is singing in the britpop style and the next he sounds like he should be singing for a 70’s glam rock band (think T-Rex and you might be part of the way there!)

The timing and pacing of each track are spot on and there is always something for the listener to engage with, meaning the album never gets boring. I have listened to the album through three or four times now and it still sounds as fresh as the first time I listened.

This is a great album to listen to and I will definitely be looking out for anything new from these guys!

Track Listing:

1 The Saint Simon Killer Returns

2 Her Double Life

3 Married For The Money

4 The Sun Of Our Mistakes

5 Miss Merry’s Memoriam

6 Your House Of Cards

7 Things Would Never be The Same

8 Bizarre Love Triangle (Bonus Track)

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