The Airstream Outlaws – I’m Gonna Ruin Your Party

The Airstream Outlaws are a duo consisting of Jimbo Moody on Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar and Alan Donoho on Pedal Steel Guitar and Lead Guitar and Vocals. Jimbo from Fort Worth, Texas and Alan is from Dallas, Texas. They produce mostly humourous original songs with a traditional country sound that features the pedal steel as their main lead instrument! Other instruments that feature on the track include acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, upright bass, and mariachi trumpets! And boy what a sound this all makes!

Combining a traditional country sound, complete with twangy guitars and vocals, with a more classic rock sound, this duo has come up with a quirky sound that is unique to them.

The inclusion of the mariachi trumpets is ingenious as they provide a contrast to the swagger of the country vibe, mixing in a touch of Mexican.

The lyrics are full of humour, quirky and extremely catchy and you will soon be sauntering around your living room to this one, as the words will still be in your head hours later!

This is a great track and, as long as you don’t take it all too seriously, I think a lot of people will agree. I would like to hear a “serious” song from these guys, just for the sake of it, but if humour is what they do, they do it very well.

Go and check them out, you may be pleasantly surprised! They also have another track out…. Chicken Fried Mistake, which was released on 23/12/2022 so check that one out too!

Fabulous track!

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