Sleep In Motion – All That You Are

Sleep In Motion are a UK based alternative / grunge band featuring on vocals / guitar: Ryan Brooks, on bass guitar: Lewis Brade and on drums / percussion: Alex Smith and All That You Are is their latest single released on 15/12/2022.

This track is a mellow ballad, but one filled with emotion.

The acoustic sounding guitar and laid-back drums are the driving force behind the song in the first part of the track, but this is taken over by the passion-filled lyrics and vocals.

The track has a very alternative / indie vibe to it while also mixing in some classic riffs and melodies.

The singer’s voice is absolutely amazing, strong, and powerful enough to convey the emotion of the song to the listener yet gentle and soothing. There is an edgy vibe to his vocals that, I think, lifts them out of the pop genre but these guys certainly know how to cross the genre boundaries.

The track does build through the verses to the choruses and there is a section part way through the song that changes pace and time, leading onto a gentle section before the track hits a crescendo, when all the instruments as well as the vocals really come in to their own.

This is a great track, I loved it as soon as it started, and I think you will too. I need to get onto Spotify now and find some more from them!

A job well done guys!

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