New Plague Radio – I’m Coming Back To Haunt You

New Plague Radio are a US based band who, according to their Facebook page, make “a very specific noise.”

So, what is this very specific noise? Well…. take a pinch of hip / hop, a splash of rap, some electronic beats and mix in some rock riffs and you might just be about there!

This is a band that certainly covers a multitude of genres, while annihilating the lines that separates them all and chucking them into just one category is actually impossible.

Kicking off with some electronic beats before the rapping vocals start, this is a track that needs to be listened to more than once to actually hear everything that is going on.

Classic guitar riffs are included in abundance but so are electronic beats and sounds. The drumming is frantic at times, chilled out at others, the synths give the track a nostalgic feel and there even sounds to be some saxophone sounds in there towards the end of the track to throw in just a teeny tiny bit of jazz.

The vocals are a split of rapping during the verses and clean singing for the choruses, a blend that works really well and the plentiful back up vocals are just insane!

The track has so many layers to it that, as I previously said, more than one listen is needed. There is always something going on to keep the listener engaged and as the track abruptly finishes, you find yourself disappointed that it didn’t last longer (it is just over three minutes in length!)

This song is so refreshing, a nod back to rap and hip / hop times gone by but with a modern, energized vibe that keeps it very much in the here and now.

What a fantastic bouncy tune! Thank you, New Plague Radio!

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