Lucid Evolution – Wild Soul

Lucid Evolution are an extremely talented foursome from Richmond, Virginia and Wild Soul was released on 14/07/2022. They were formed in the autumn of 2021 and have since built up a strong following.

Having previously reviewed Moments by this incredibly talented band, I was intrigued as to what else they had to offer, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Wild Soul starts off more as a ballad than the previous track, with laid back drums and soft guitar work. The haunting female vocals are still as present with this track as they were the last and I think this is what gives the band their unique sound.

Bluesy guitar work is evident from the off and there is almost a sense of the guitar and the vocalist talking to one another, each feeding off the other. The laid-back snare drums and cymbals in the background are a perfect accompaniment and the bass lines are strong.

The track does build in power and soon there is a crescendo with formidable electric guitar solos that send shivers through your spine and the crashing drums and vocals pick up intensity too.

But it doesn’t end there! The whole pace of the song speeds up part way through and this is a stark contrast to the rest of the track, but a contrast that really does work.

The tempo soon slows down again, and the songs end on the same floaty vibe that it started.

This band know how to mix genres and anything from classic rock, to blues, to stoner rock and psychedelia can shine through at any one time.

Loved it, loved it, loved it!

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