I Panic – Lost Song

Having previously reviewed Can’t Imagine by I Panic, I was really excited to hear what was next from the Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist, Marcel van Tetering, the brainchild behind I Panic, a band he set up with two friends way back in 1987, although now he uses the name as a solo project.

Kicking off with a just the sound of a piano, gentle drums and plucking guitars soon join the track with soft vocals.

But please do not be fooled as the track really builds in intensity and all the instruments become more powerful and electric guitars and pounding drums become a major feature.

The vocalism of Marcel is immense, as he switches easily from soft, ballady type vocals to the more powerful vocals of classic rock and AOR. The lyrics are delivered with strength and emotion and the inclusion of a stringed section part way through the track only enhances the passion of the song.

This track, just like the previous, really does have a big sound to it, showing Marcel’s amazing talent. There are peaks and troughs all the way through the track as the music reaches crescendo only to subside to a gentler pace once more and the listener is taken on a musical journey that is a treat for the ears.

Another great track from a wonderful musician! Well done!

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