Gary Dranow – Destiny Road

Gary Dranow And The Manic Emotions is a genre-defying musical collaboration, featuring Shem Tate on vocals and bass, Marty Steinberg and Jethro DeFries on drums, Jerry Manfredi on musical direction, and Tommy Mars on keyboards and, having previously reviewed a track by them, I couldn’t wait to hear what was next. Destiny Road was released on 03/12/2022.

Hailing from the US, this bunch of guys have, yet again, come up with a great track.

With the riffs of AOR rock, this track also has the swagger of blues and the nostalgia of classic rock, a great blend if you can pull it off, and these guys certainly do that.

The vocals are reminiscent of a typical 80’s classic rock with an edginess that keeps them bang up to date. The drumming is spot on and the bass lines coming through are superb. The guitar playing has a classic sound but the bluesy element, think Gary Moore, shining through really does put a great spin on the track.

There is a slight melancholic vibe, intentional or not I do not know about the song but this, I think, only adds to the allure of the track. This will appeal to classic rock and blues fans alike, so I urge you all to go and check them out.

I still have a couple more reviews for these guys to complete and I am sure each of those will be just as good as this one! I am really excited to hear what else they produce!

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