Crux – Save Me

Crux are an alternative rock band from Newcastle, UK and Save Me was released on 06/12/2022.

I have previously reviewed a track from Crux and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how different this one was from that one.

Edging more to the alternative rock side of things with this one, it doesn’t have the punk/ska feel the previous one did and sounding more like Pink Floyd than The Sex Pistols, this has a much more grown feel up to it.

The guitars are still fuzzy and grungy giving the track a slightly edgy feel but the drumming, although still spot on, is not a frenzied as the previous track (I bet the drummer was glad about that!)

The sound, as a whole, is more polished but still with a rawness that makes them a rock band, and a bloody good one too. This band jumps from one genre to the next with ease and panache and in the process come up with fantastic songs.

I said in my previous review that I hoped the next track would be just as good but in fact I think it is better, and the previous one was a stomper!

Please go and check out this track. I am heading over to Spotify now to find more stuff from this great bunch of guys! I’ll let you know what I find!

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