Clay Joule – Nothing Like Loving You

Based in Secaucus, New Jersey, Clay Joule is a singer-songwriter who makes uplifting soft rock music and Nothing Like Loving You is his new single, released on 15/11/2022

A buoyant, heartfelt track, it tells the story of a dog who has been adopted and how he is now devoted to his new master for the rest of his life, and using music, Clay Joule are spreading the word about the important issue of pet adoption.

The track begins with the bark of a dog and a simple banjo, before kicking in with a whole band sound, although the banjo is the main feature that stands out in this track.

The guy’s vocals are soft and melodic, with a hint of 90’s Britpop, but it is a sound that works. The rest of the instruments have a typical alternative / indie rock sound and, again, the mixture of conventional rock instruments with the slightly off the wall, really works well.

The song is accompanied by a really cute video featuring the most adorable dog and fellow musician, Pete Brailey, also features on the track.

Along with the alternative sound, there is also a country undertone that gives depth to the song.

Great job!

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