DCxPC Live Vol. 9 Presents Some Kind Of Nightmare Live At Lou’s

DCxPC is a collaboration that books and releases music from live shows for multiple bands and Volume 9 presented Some Kind Of Nightmare recorded live at Lou’s.

Some Kind Of Nightmare are an American punk rock band, and they bring an energetic, raw sound that is a mixture of punk rock, old and new! Formed in 2006, the trio comes from San Diego and they “the thoughts and opinions of the rock bottom class and making a hell of a lot of noise doing it.”

Mixing both male and female vocals, this is an EP that is full of energy and bounce and will soon have you pogo’ing around no time. Both sets of vocals are raw, full of attitude and in your face. As they sing about the views of working-class people, this will have a wide reach for them. After all, aren’t the fundamental ideas of punk anarchism and anti-establishmentarianism?

The drumming is frantic and the guitars LOUD!! This is a punk band who really do sound like they should have been on stage with The Sex Pistols, albeit with a modern twist.

The energy coming from this EP is awesome, I can imagine there were a few sweaty bodies at Lou’s that night and the force and intensity of this band is immense.

Each track is short and to the point and the EP of five tracks is just about thirteen minutes in length, but, being a live album, there is always something for the listener to hear, and the production on this one is fantastic.

Punk fans, old and new, far and wide, please go and check out Some Kind of Nightmare as you will love them but also check out the releases that DCxPC have put out too as you will definitely not be disappointed!


1) We Take Form

2) Everything’s Ok

3) Crow Digital

4) Driven Red

5) Bombs And Jobs (Bonus Track)

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