West Wickhams – Magenta

West Wickhams are a two-piece psychedelic garage-noir band from Tresco, isles of Scilly and Magenta is their new EP, released on 25/11/2022.

Mixing the haunting vocals of new wave bands such as The Smiths with synth indie rock, the result is a psychedelic, alternative pop/rock sound that is unique to them.

Bringing their distinctive blend of punk and grunge for us all to hear, the punchy guitars and pounding drums combine well with he almost groan-like voice of the singer. Delivered with a nonchalant, almost “I don’t care” attitude, the vocals have a distinct post-punk, new wave air about them, a nostalgic nod back to the 1980’s, and the echo used on them throughout the EP really brings the songs to life.

The plucky guitars are accompanied by synths and electronic sounds, giving the song a psychedelic vibe, and the two styles combine and work well together. The drum and bass sections are solid, keeping the tracks flowing from one to the next, and the little sounds and noises that pop up during the songs keeps the listener engaged, as there is always something new to be heard.

Each track is different from the previous, but it’s the fourth and fifth tracks that really stand out to me, an almost pop/punk song followed straight after by a beautifully haunting track and its this combination of assorted styles that really makes this EP stand out.

I really want to hear more from this twosome, so am off to Spotify to do some research until they release new music.

If psychedelic, new wave, post-punk is your thing, the please go and check these guys out!

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