Nick Noon – Costumes

Oooh, one of the first things I noticed about this track was the funky basslines that kicks it off! Everyone must love funky basslines as much as I do, right?

Anyway, Nick Noon is one of the top, young, rising songwriters in the world and brings an “indescribable refreshing timeless aura to the music community.” He is based in Nashville, Tennessee and is a rising multi-genre artist, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Costumes is his latest track and was released on 21/10/2022.

Mingling a little bit of alternative rock with a splattering of indie rock, a pinch of country rock and dashings of pop rock, this track is a mish mash of genres, but it’s a mash-up that actually works.

I mentioned the opening groovy basslines, and these are combined with the shake of a tambourine and Nick’s dulcet voice before the whole track kicks in with electric guitar riffs and crashing drums.

Acoustic guitars are mixed with the electric, creating a stark contrast between verses and choruses and the inclusion of synths and what sounds like a whole string section as well as trumpets really gives the song a diversity that lacks in most.

Nick’s voice is awesome, deep, and powerful yet full of passion as the song hits a crescendo with the strings playing their part once more.

What an absolutely incredible track and one that I am so grateful I could hear. Please, don’t take my word for it, go, and check out this fab track!

Love it!

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