Mike Power – Compulsions

Mike Powers is an American singer / songwriter and musical storyteller as he combines melodic, haunting lyrics with simple musical arrangements. He wants to draw people into his own artistic world by using relatable lyrics to create introspective songs based on personal experiences.

With contributions from Reed Black on production, Luke Cissell on violin, Julie Rozansky on bass and Chris DeRosa on drums, Compulsions is an album of eight songs that takes the listener on a musical journey and was released on 11/11/2022.

The album starts with Crack of Dawn and is a soft, mellow introduction to an album that soon gets going and rocks up a bit.

Each track on the album is different from the previous and this gives it a diversity that will keep the listener guessing as to what is coming next, maintaining their engagement and interest.

Mike gains influence from 80s and 90s post-punk music and blends it with modern rock and unique song writing to create an individual sound.

The guitar work is superb and, along with the basslines, builds up in layers throughout the songs with power and combined with Mike’s vocals really lifts the songs. The guitar work is classic rock in nature but elements of country and even blues creep in every now and then, increasing the albums appeal to a wider audience.

The vocals are somewhat quirky but this, and the albums individuality as a whole, is really what makes the tracks stand out. Mike has a great voice, ranging from full on classic rock, to indie rock, to folk and everything in between. Hints of a country twang manage to work their way in every so often, but this only adds to the charmfulness of the album.

The pacing of the album is spot on, and the production is great. I would recommend listeners of all genres take a sneak peak at this one and see what they think for themselves.

Great musicians! Great singer! Great album!

Track Listing:

1) The Crack Of Dawn

2) Let The River Flow

3) I Like You

4) Like All Addicts

5) Day Drinking

6) The Untrained Eye

7) The Light In Your Eyes

8) Anything But Love

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