Jeremy Parsons – Tickin’

Jeremy Parsons, a Texas-born singer / songwriter, grew up surrounded by the sounds of Country Music, and now that’s the only thing running through his veins. He taught himself to play the guitar early in high school, and then began performing his original songs. With a genuine personality, unique humour, and heartfelt passion for his occupation, he draws on his personal experiences to write keenly perceptive and introspective songs.

He says, “We have those moments when we sit down and look where we are. Sometimes followed by that is the thought, ‘Is this where I thought I’d be?’ or ‘Is this where I should be in my life?‘” and this is a sentiment a lot of people can relate to.

Tickin’ is his new track and was released on 28/10/2022.

A track drenched in the Americana / Alt Country sound, it starts of slowly but builds in intensity and pace as the song progresses.

Featuring the twang of country guitars and the gentle beat of a drum in the background of the verses, the choruses are louder and super catchy.

Jeremy’s voice is great ands you can tell he is a country rock boy at heart, the country swagger very evident in his vocals. He also has a certain grit in his voice that makes him stand apart from other country singers and this is a real bonus for me as I like strong, powerful, edgy vocals.

This is certainly a track that makes you sit up and think!

Excellent job!

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