Hangtime – Bloodsky

Hangtime is a band who has managed to combine distinctive styles to create a winning sonic formula, mixing electronic pop with industrial influences and a dark wave sound to generate a musical feast for the ears.

There is not much information about the band but their Instagram, implies they are an anonymous duo from New Mexico who formed ‘during lockdown’ and who let their music speak for itself.

Whoever they are, they take influence from the likes of Nine Ince Nails, Massive Attack, and Flying Lotus to produce a dark and atmospheric electro-rock sound.

Combining distorted guitar riffs, pounding drums and heavy synths this is an intriguing collection of songs that really makes the listener sit up and listen.

Electronic distortion plays a huge part in the sound of the album, and this is used on most of the instruments and on the vocals. Spoken word is interjected throughout the album as well as harmonious singing and this gives the album a mysterious air to it.

At about 42 minutes in length, this album is twelve tracks of insanely powerful and dark tracks, showing the bands passionate and mysterious outlook on electronic music and will certainly have you moving about.

Synthwave one minute, cyberpunk the next, and almost rave at other times, this album takes you on a musical journey and does not let up from start to finish. There is always something going on and this means the listener is kept interested and engaged.

If industrial, techno, electronic music mixed with a few drums and guitars is your thing then you are going to love this album. It may not to be everyone’s taste, but you never know until you give it a go!

Great album that the guys should be enormously proud of!

Track Listing:

1) Insert Coin

2) Someone Else

3) Planet Party

4) CO$tUS

5) The Wolf

6) Peter

7) My Story

8) Bloodsky Interlude

9) Unholye

10) Bird Box

11) Börek

12) Milky Ways

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